So the other day I put out a call for post ideas and a couple people actually responded with requests! I was excited, especially when I saw that the lovely Ionia Martin suggested the word exuberance. I immediately thought of my dog, who is always hyper and excited and exhausting herself with her bouncing around. So I wrote the following sketch, outlining my dog, and how she is the epitome of exuberance.

“Good morning! Good morning human! Wake up!”

The pile of blankets groans. “Pansy, it’s not time to eat yet. Leave me ALONE.”

“Up, up UP! ooh hi cat! You look like your butt needs sniffing, let me do that for you.

OOOH! Human, you’re up! I’m so excited! Now you can rub my belly and feed me and then maybe you could let me outside so I could bark at random passersby? Today is going to be a great day. And I think you should stay home so you can hang out with me, because that kennel gets a bit lonely sometimes. But even if you leave me here, I will be so excited when you get back! And then you’ll feed me again!

Life is Fantastic. I’m exhausted. I think I’ll collapse over here on this blanket for a while.”

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