Why do we choose the people we want to keep in our lives?

Is it because we want them? They’re fun, useful, entertaining, attractive.

But what happens when we stop wanting those attributes?

Well I guess people do shift in and out of each others’ lives all the time.

Or is it because we need them?

They fill a void we can’t fill ourselves.

They balance us out.

That seems selfish. and not romantic at all.

You’re in my life because I need you to be. There’s nothing to be done about it. It’s not really a choice or preference.

But we all need things, and people. And we do choose which people can fill those needs and how.

Like most topics, the answer is probably a mixture of the two, with other choices and options thrown in in certain circumstances.

How do people become a large part of your life? Is it a often matter of previous acquaintances, current circumstances, or something else?

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