Freddie’s Rant

So, I was going through my old writings yesterday to find some inspiration, and I found a piece I wrote a while back from the perspective of my truck. I figured it was the perfect time to post this (with some revisions) since I ran over a curb Saturday, causing me to need a new tire for the third time since November. Anyway, without further ado, Freddie’s Rant. (To see the history behind Freddie’s name, see Car History part 3: Freddie)

Well, she’s done it again. Here I am, a beautiful blue truck, and I’m stuck sitting outside on the curb for half a day without a tire. Just because she can’t pay attention when she’s making turns. I mean, first she kills my front right tire by hitting it on the curb at home all the time. Then she just wears down the front left. Honestly, that one probably wasn’t completely her fault. The tire was getting a bit old. But this time was completely her fault. That was the third curb she hit with the right rear tire in less than a week. Learn some depth perception girl!

But I’m sure it’s not even depth perception. She just doesn’t pay attention. I mean, if I had to count how many times she slams on her brakes, I would be able to count a lot higher. If she would just drive a bit less recklessly, I wouldn’t have to sleep so much in my downtime. I could flirt with the neighbor trucks. I could have time to share stories of our adventures. As it is, she is making me old, fast. Is it time to retire yet?

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