Sitcom Talk

I love “How I met Your Mother”.

The show is fun, the characters are hilarious, and the premise is a huge stretch, but still entertaining. I spent last summer watching seasons 1-6 on netflix. After season 7 finally got put on netflix, I watched about 7 episodes and then got distracted by real life. But yesterday I had completed a bunch of chores and errands and decided to reward myself. I watched about 5 episodes.

Season 7 is kind of depressing me. I was a bit angry at one of the episodes, and then two made me almost cry (and not from laughter). But the events were all things that do happen in real life, and one of the sad things was an issue that I’m glad the show addresses. I think part of the “depression” is because in the show, Ted’s been actively looking for a wife for over ten years, and has nothing to show for it. His tone in narrating the story is a bit down.

What sitcoms are you obsessed with?
Why? Do you related to the characters? Is it good brainless tv? Or does it make you think?

I think How I met Your Mother does all of those things for me. Just depends on the day, the episode, and my frame of mind.

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