Turtle in a Box



Why would you put me back in this tiny box? And no, no I absolutely refuse! You are not taking me back to that blue motorous monster. That thing makes me nauseous! It feels like the world is flying by, and I’m not even moving!

Last time I was in this box I ended up in an entirely new home. I just got used to it! The curly haired boy is odd, but very entertaining. I don’t want to leave.

Let me out!

It’s dark in here. I want my mini-sun back.


I’ve been in here forever!

Why do you keep peeking at me? Just take me out? Yikes! Why does the world keep stopping and starting so much?

Oh yes. We stopped moving. Finally.

I’ll get to go back to my dirt!

And I sit…. and I sit…

Oh no. She’s going to pick me up.

Think of the dirt, think of the dirt.

Home! Light! Warmth!

I want another worm. I deserve it after that ordeal.

There’s some furry monster by the girl and a new human. They had better not let it near me. It looks… slobbery.

Oh good. they’re all gone.

I don’t mind the girl though. She gets along with the curly-haired boy.

I miss him.

(Don’t worry, Terra will get to go back to Jordan’s after we get back from our trip. Unfortunately, she will have to endure another car ride.)

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