Bad Habits

We all have bad habits. Some of us bite our nails. Others pick scabs. Some of us stare at our blog stats all day instead of writing new blog posts.

Certain airheads who like cows and have bratty tendencies might be guilty of all three.

The thing about bad habits is that we know they’re bad. We know that biting at our nails just makes our fingers look crappy. Picking at scabs prevents healing and increases risk of infection- not to mention being kind of gross. Staring at blog stats does nothing to improve them and not writing just causes stress and a lack of content for the blog.

So how do you kick a bad habit? If you make a resolution, it may or may not work. Saying you’re going to stop something is a lot easier than actually stopping. And you can’t actually be successful in kicking a bad habit until you’ve stopped completely. Sure there’s improvement- doing something less often, but it seems that the only way to stop something is to do just that. stop. no thinking, no action plans, no excuses. Just stop.

Why is that so much harder than it sounds?

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