Turtle Turtle!

So, Jordan and I got a turtle this last weekend. It belonged to a coworker’s son, who is 16 and now more interested in girls and sports than taking care of a turtle. We went over and got the turtle, the tub she’s been living in, and a few caretaking items from them. They had named her Timmy, not knowing that she was a girl for a while. We have named her Terra.

Terra is a dork, just like us. She burrows in her dirt, dirties up her water dish, and tries to climb up the walls of her tub. She loves being hummed and whistled too. Jordan got her a little plate for her food. It has Tinkerbell and some other faeries on it. This morning she seemed just as reluctant to have the light turned on at 6:30 as I was.

I’ve always loved having pets. My dog and cat sleep in my bed whenever I’m home. This is fine at night, but in the mornings when they want to be fed they can be quite the nuisance.

In college, we weren’t allowed to have pets in the dorms. So of course when one of my friends got a turtle, I visited all the time. I would use my unlimited salad bar to take her spinach, carrots, and cucumbers. We’d put her on the floor and watch her crawl all over the place. I’m excited to have a turtle of my own (to share). 😀

There are a lot of pets I’d like to have at some point. A Chameleon would be cool. Certain snakes are fun, though they do make me a little nervous. It’s kind of a nervous excitement. I love cats and dogs. Rabbits are cute.

I write for a bird feeder client at work, which makes me want to feed birds and squirrels, even though people who feed birds hate squirrels.

Something about connecting with animals is calming. I used to tell secrets to a dog at a house where I babysat. Dogs are listeners. My cat is cuddlier than a lot of cats, but she’s still not a listener.

What traits do you think certain animals have? How much of that do you think we invent in our heads? How can we really tell what an animal feels or intends? Do we apply meaning to their actions to make ourselves feel better, to have some sense that there is a meaning and order to things? Isn’t that similar to what we do in our own lives?

That got a little bit down at the end. Anyway, what’s your favorite animal? What pet have you always wanted?

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  1. A turtle?! That is so cool. Can’t wait to see pics. XOXO – Bacon

  2. I am so jealous! Turtles are one of my most favourite animals, a close joint-second with the tortoise (especially the giant tortoise). First place is also a joint-place, wolves and llamas. Wolves for the obvious reasons, being the most noble, majestic and beautifully terrifying creatures n the planet and llamas because they are more funny than people falling over!

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