No More Potatoes

So, not doing so great on the writing challenge so far. Fairy tale still in progress, and I’ll have to post my fanfic for day #2 at a later date, so you’ll get an extra post one of these days. But I did manage to write a story for today’s prompt, which is: Write a story that takes place pre-1950s. It’s short, but it’s a post. 🙂 It’s set during the potato famine, which I’ve always wanted to write about, with two characters I’ve wanted to follow for a bit. This is just a dialogue between the two; hopefully I can expand it into a story one of these days.

If you haven’t checked out the challenge yet, and would like to do it, it’s never too late to start! Here’s the link : 30 day writing challenge.


“I’m comin’ I’m comin’ Patty! Whatch’er need this time?”

“I was just lookin’ in the stew pot, and was wondering where our dinner is. Looks like someone ate half of it already!”

“Well if you can find somethin’ else to put in the pot, I’d be happy to add to it. But that there’s dinner for tonight and tomorrow, unless I can get somethin’ extra from Mrs. Callahan tomorrow.”

“Don’t try and blame me for not putting food in the pot. I work all’s day to bring money for food, and it’s not my fault the harvests are bad.”

“I know, Patty” Trisha’s voice lowers “But it’s not my fault either. And it’s no one’s fault the roof needed to be patched last month. Money’s tight, and not just for us. But we’ll make it through. We’ll make it through nicer if you don’t yell quite so much though.”

“If I yell, you know I’m alive.’

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