The Great Waffle Quest


So, last weekend I woke up in a reminiscent mood and was thinking about this awesome waffle hut my roommate and I used to go to in Portland all the time. At Flavour Spot, you can get all sorts of crazy toppings on your waffles: nutella, bacon, powdered sugar, all sorts of goodies. They fold them up and the toppings get all ooey and gooey and delicious. They say something about being the original Dutch Taco Shop or something. Great, Now I was craving waffles.

After some digging in our cupboards, I discovered that we still have a waffle iron. It hasn’t been used since the dark ages, but it’s still there. So I texted my roommate and told her that this Sunday we were going to do a waffle date. She’d have waffles in Michigan, me in Idaho.

Now I just needed to get Nutella and some good Jam. I was planning a Nutella, berry jam, and banana waffle. It would be marvelous.

Fast forward about a week when I realize that I need to find an eggless waffle recipe (Mom is allergic to eggs). So, I start looking on Saturday night for a recipe that has ingredients I have at home because I don’t want to go to the store. No dice. Most of them are vegan, and I don’t have regular milk, let alone almond milk. We don’t even have evaporated milk, which is what mom’s waffle recipe calls for. There’s not even powdered milk in  the cupboard.

I really don’t want to go to the store, so I start looking for alternatives. What could I use to substitute for milk? I’m looking in the baking cabinet, which also happens to be the liquor cabinet. Bailey’s Irish Cream. Hmmmmm…. I ask mom what she thinks. It could work. I shake the bottle. There might not be enough. Of course, the cap is sticking to the bottle, and it takes me telling the bottle that I’m going to throw it away in order to get it open. Finally I get the cap off and pour the remaining Bailey’s into a measuring cup. I need a cup of liquid. I have…

1/4 of a cup.
That smells really strong.

I don’t want to put JUST Bailey’s as the liquid in my waffles, but I feel like just adding water wouldn’t be a good plan. So we decide we are going to the store after all. We get some evaporated milk, because mom’s recipe was the one we settled on. We get some Bacon while we’re at it, because it’s bacon. I also finally pick up Nutella and blackberry jam, because of course I hadn’t done that already.

Wal-mart at midnight on a Saturday is annoying. Half the store was closed off for cleaning and the idiotic teens were out in abundance. But we got the goods.

So this morning, I’m making waffles. Of course, since I’d already poured the Bailey’s, we were going to use that and the evaporated milk. it turned out pretty good. Did need to add some water, since the cream thickened the mixture a bit. I’ve got bacon cooking; everything’s going great, except…. the waffle isn’t cooking. The waffle iron is ancient, and I can’t really tell what part of the knob is hot and what is off. But It’s warm! it should be cooking! After half an hour (the bacon is cooked and gone, as is the banana I prepared), I give up. So I had pancakes. Bethany’s waffles in Michigan did turn out good though. So we had a waffles and pancake date cross-country.

On the plus side, the Bailey’s worked marvelously. I’m definitely going to try this again once we get a decent waffle iron (that one is now in the garbage, failed waffle included), and try to get the recipe just right. It can go in my boozy cookbook. Recipe experiments for that are going to suck, let me tell you. 😉

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  1. Haha the Bailey’s is a great idea….. I never would’ve thought of that. Sounds like it was a bit of an adventure though.

    Next time go to Ihop. Haha

  2. irish cream waffles sound amazing @_@

  3. Saved as a favorite, I like your blog!

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