Internal Overload

I wrote this one for a creative writing class after reading Lolita. The assignment was to write a piece with the phrase “picnic, lightning”.

After seventeen years of idyllic childhood, the core of Kara’s Stepfordian world was crumbling. As the family sat down for their weekly Sunday picnic, lightning flashed in her mind. Thunderclouds of thoughts and confusion clogged up her contemplating cerebrum. In the terror of this tornado, Kara did not know what to do. All of the structure that she had established in her life was gone. It had begun with a pizza and ended with Kara walking in on her mom and the delivery man. There was no doubting what she had seen. The question was what was she to do? Obviously, her mom was willing to keep up the wholesome family charade, so who knew how long this facade had been in place? Was this the first time she had leapt off her pedestal of integrity and into the arms of someone who was not Kara’s father? Tears welled up in Kara’s eyes and threatened to turn the tornado into a hurricane.

Quickly excusing herself, Kara put down the slice of pizza she had been hiding behind and rushed to the restroom. As she reached the ill-managed personal waste disposal area, the tears finally released themselves, adding to the questionable puddles on the ground. The gears in her head whirred furiously, and the complex pulley system that was her nervous system overloaded from conflicting messages. Kara leaned against the wall and slid to the ground.

The cold, grimy concrete did not help soothe the hormonally imbalanced teenager. The longer she sat there, the more she could feel the public restroom bacteria creeping onto her body. Choosing misery with family over a lonely death by bad hygiene, she rose, composed herself, and walked back to the picnic site. She would join her mom in this deception for now. But eventually, she would have to figure out what to do about it.

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