Yes, it’s a poem that rhymes. I know. But I wrote it a while ago, and I still like it. So let me know what you think and if you think a better format would work, or if you like the rhyming.


Glancing out

across the way,

Not really seeing

the beautiful day

or all the people

milling around.

I’m just looking out,

Just looking down,

Lost in thought,

but then I see

A fluttering chance,

Smiling at me.

It’s a small little chance

Just a glimmer in the sun

But it could be an occasion

To finally have some fun.

To finally get out

To see what there is

To try things again,

To really live.

By taking this chance,

I’d be taking a risk.

It’s a cheeky little thing,

And could be selfish.

But if this chance

Accepted me too

I could really soar,

The things we could do!

Of course, things could go wrong,

I could really get hurt,

I may not be unscathed

By the devilish flirt

That this little chance

may turn out to be

But this is my choice,

It’s completely up to me.

All this, the chance tells me,

As it glimmers in the light.

It begs me to decide

Before it’s taken by night.

I sit there and ponder,

What should I do?

Should I run down the stairs,

Take them by two?

Should I rush toward this chance?

Take it in my arms,

clutch it like a treasure,

And protect it from harm?

Maybe I should approach cautiously.

Maybe I should take my time

Hoping its still waiting

when I make up my mind

which I will only do

after all doubt is pushed aside,

my options are weighed,

and I’m sure its bona fide.

Perhaps I should ignore the chance,

and focus on more important things in life.

My schoolwork, my homework,

today’s family strife.

I should go out and have fun

enjoy life with my friends.

I shouldn’t focus on chances

that won’t matter in the end.

As I consider all my choices

The sun lowers in the sky.

Looking down for my little chance,

I let out a small sigh.

There’s nothing there

Floating about.

I waited too long,

considering my doubts,

And now my chance is gone.

So I glance again across the way

And hope tomorrow’s a better day.

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  1. Wait, I meant thumbs up on this one. Lol the other is good as well, though. But I like this one better.

  2. A fleeting glance
    Offers a chance
    At what we do not know
    But if we miss this chance
    It may never return,
    So the choice is up to you
    To pursue
    Or not!

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