It is almost noon, and though I have been awake for hours, I have only left my bed for a few minutes. Thank the universe for laptops, which allow us to pretend to be productive while lying in bed.

I was only going to sit here for long enough to post a story on my blog. It is a story I wrote for a class last year, and was published in the school’s literary journal. I have a couple of drafts saved on my blog, but this story is the one I wanted to post. It is about an author, and that is all I’m going to give away at this point.

So, I searched my computer for the document. I couldn’t find it under the story’s title. I couldn’t find it under any other feasible titles either. So I started going through all of my documents and downloads. I did not find the story. I did however, find a lot of other documents worth reading. Pieces I’ve started, pieces I’d forgotten about, lists I’ve made, goals I’ve set. There’s a lot of stuff on my computer.

So, I now have a ton of documents open on my computer, waiting for me to go through them, polish them, and put them in my blog queue. That’s kind of cool. Still, what am I going to do about “Characterized” (the story I wanted to post)? Am I going to have to type it out from my copy of the journal?

Luckily, the answer is no. As the editor of said journal, I have about 6 pdf files on my computer of the entire book, from when I was working with the publisher. Luckily, I can just copy/paste the story and go on my merry way.

Unfortunately, when searching my email for the story, I discovered the existence of another piece that I’d forgotten about. This one was not accepted into the journal and I can’t find it. It may be lost forever.

I’m pretty sure these documents were lost when I deleted a bunch of downloads from my computer. I probably assumed they were saved in multiple places. Hopefully they are the only ones that I lost.

The seemingly endless search through my computer files has led me down a reminiscent path today. I read pieces I wrote about my childhood, about past relationships, and about future goals. I opened documents with just a title and a vague concept that never went anywhere. I have no excuses now for saying I have nothing to write about; my brain is filled with tidbits of story ideas.

And now that I’ve rambled about my adventure trying to find “Characterized,” you’re going to finally get to read it, right?

Nope, Ive decided I’ll share it tomorrow. So prepare yourself for a bit of crazy fun, but spend the rest of today thinking about what great ideas you’ve had that have never taken anywhere. Maybe it’s time to pick one of them up again.

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