In case you didn’t notice, the other day’s “Pansy” post was about my dog. So I figured that my cat deserved a post as well. Yes, my pets are named after flowers, though they often are called “Monster” and “Cat”. So, without further ado, here are Tulip’s couple paragraphs of fame:

The blue mouse eludes me, though it doesn’t move. It lies on the ground, taunting me. I wait, knowing it is on its guard. Finally, I pounce! It is in my claws! … And now it’s gone. How did it over there?

I bound across the room and attack again. The mouse bounces off my claws, the furniture, and lands… right near a sunbeam! The spot of light is smart and hides beneath the mouse, but I will get them both! I leap to the carpet and… both the mouse and the sunbeam are on top of my paw. How can this be?

I spin in circles; I bounce back and forth; I leap over ottomans and scratching toys. I will defeat these two foes that have ganged up against me. Or… I’ll take a nap.

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