It’s Time for Fall Brunches!

If you haven’t noticed, brunch has really been my thing this year. So I put together some fun autumn-inspired brunch ideas and shared them on Wining Wife! Check it out!

Some Organization Tips

The more I use my craft room, the more I need to organize it. I’m contantly cleaning and organizing and reorganizing to better fit my workflow and prevent my craft supplies from exploding all over the room. Here are some tips I wrote out for Cozy Little House!


I also had a piece published over the weekend on Sabrina’s Organizing, about how to organize a functional home workspace. Check it out!

One food bank is saying no to junk food


Image Credit: Pixabay

Everyone deserves to be able to eat healthy, including the homeless. The Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is trying to solve this growing issue.

According to the CDC, The U.S.’ obesity epidemic is growing at an alarming rate. In America, a lot of food is high in sugar and trans fat, yet is unregulated by the FDA. That’s why despite the fact that they’re cheap and easily accessible, The CAFB ultimately decided to turn down donations that would make people sick in the long run. Read the rest of this entry

More Bridesmaid Ideas

I’ve published another piece, this time with some fun non-traditional bridesmaid gift ideas! Check it out at!

Hen Parties To Get To Know Each Other

Today we have a guest post, written by Hannah Carrier from! This will go into Hen Party ideas for your bridesmaids to get to know each other! 

Hen Parties To Get To Know Each Other

When the bride to be’s most important ladies have been in her life for many years, it is easy to forget that not all of these special ladies know each other. Some might meet each other prior to the hen party, for example, they might meet for the task of helping the bride find her perfect wedding dress. Others will meet each other for the first time at the hen party itself. That’s why it is important to recognise the integral part that hen parties play in the stages of forming the hens’ friendships. We have, within our range of hen parties, activities that allow quality time for talking and getting to know one another, but also some hen parties that cut right to the chase and destroy awkwardness immediately. If you need ideas on how to best help your hens get to know each other, look no further!


Image credit: Leon Brocard on Flickr

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is one of the most laid-back hen parties there are since it largely involves sitting around relaxing whilst several small glasses of wine are brought to you to taste. This hen party leaves plenty of room, peace and time for talking, getting to know one another and becoming less shy with each glass of wine tasted! No one is looking for an expert taster, it is a hen party that allows you to trust someone else’s expertly chosen wines from around the world and learn a little bit about each other – and if you learn about wine along the way that can’t be a bad thing!

French Cooking Class

Image credit: Jeff Kubina on Flickr

Culinary Therapy

If there’s one thing we all enjoy, it’s food. Rather than having a simple meal among bridesmaids, a culinary hen event entails choosing a menu and cooking the meal as well. These events have canapes and drinks upon arrival usually to allow you to get settled and designated to cooking stations before the real hands-on fun begins. Pick meals that everybody will enjoy eating and let the chefs assist you in making the meal a success. By the time you sit down to eat the meal you have cooked, you will have already spoken to each other enough that there will be plenty of things to ask about and share about each other while you enjoy the delicious result of your teamwork.


Image credit: Victorio Marasigan on Flickr

Dance Class

There are a range of hen party dance classes that teach a variety of dance styles. Whether you choose street dance, Bollywood, 20’s or even burlesque, dance classes are a great way to get to know one another because they are fun and involve working together. A typical dance class will do a warm up before teaching you some basic steps so everyone will have to let themselves go a little bit ready to have fun. They typically end with your group performing a set routine which means you will all learn each others’ names and positions and work with each other while you move around. This type of hen party keeps the whole group laughing and is bound to form friendships!

Whatever hen party you choose is right for you, consider the opportunity it gives for bonding the bridesmaids. The more they get to know each other, the more special the wedding day will be with everybody communicating with each other and having fun with their new friends.

Written by Hannah Carrier from

Confession Time

I try to be organized,  but sometimes my craft room gets out of hand. Once in a while I have to start from scratch and re-organize EVERYTHING. This involves completely emptying the room and then putting about 3/4 of the stuff back (throwing away or donating the rest.

Read some of my cluttered crafter confessions and tips over at Organized Homeschool!

Wine, Wine, Wine!

As you may know, I love wine. I also like beer and mixed drinks, but lately, if you give me a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers, I’m set. But not everyone I hang out with likes wine. So I wrote a piece about introducing reluctant friends to the wonderful world of wine!


Check it out at Grape Experiences!

Tips for Getting Rid of “UnGreen” Products

As some of you may know, in the past few years, I’ve started paying more attention to what’s in the items I buy. I have lessened the amount of processed food I eat, looked for natural treatments for minor illnesses and injuries, and I’ve cut out a lot of the harsh cleaners we used to use in our home.

Today, Jenn from Live a Fast Life published an article of mine with some tips for getting rid of those unwanted products when you switch over. Check it out, and be sure to check out her other blog posts too! be sure to leave comments if you have creative ways of your own to get rid of those preservative-filled body care products and cleaners!

2016 Financial Update (I bought a car!)

If you’ve been following my sporadic financial posts for the past few years, you may remember that I’m taking a break from aggressively paying off my student loans this year to focus on some more personal financial goals. In 2016, I am trying to live just as frugally and continue to increase my income, but the extra funds are going toward two items:

  • My wedding
  • replacing the truck I’ve had for 9 years

I still advocate for paying off debt as quickly as possible, and after these things are done, I will go right back to paying off my loans as quickly as possible. But I don’t want my life to be completely defined by my loans. That’s why we decided that though we have a pretty reasonable wedding budget, we’re not going to limit ourselves too much.

The reason replacing my truck is on the list is because it is negatively impacting my life on a daily basis. The number of things wrong with it grows every few months and the repairs aren’t worth it. The fact that the air conditioning doesn’t function is particularly awful in the Idaho Summers.

And now, 6 months into 2016, I have met one of my major financial goals of the year! I purchased a 2007 Kia Spectra! Because of my savings and the fact it was a private sale, I was able to pay for the car in cash, meaning no accumulated debt! I’ll be getting better gas mileage, which is great for my daily commute, and it has working AC. I also have more space for people, which is an added convenience. And I still have plenty of space to haul all my Farmer’s Market Booth supplies!

The purchase did essentially wipe out my savings, so the next few months will be spent building that back up to a reasonable amount. Luckily, even with the wedding purchases that  I have left, it’s looking like I’ll have plenty of room to build my savings back up and maybe even make a bonus loan payment at the end of this year!

How are your financial goals looking halfway through this year?



Wedding Ring Mistakes

Luckily, Michael and I had a pretty easy-going experience ring shopping. But there are lots of mistakes people make when looking for the perfect ring. Here’s an article I wrote about it for the Ring Safe blog!